03 Nov

zyxz – Delta Morning

So, as per Aapies post yesterday, apologies for being missing in action. It's been a bit of a crazy time. And it's a shame,  as I have actually been listening to some great new stuff. Today's track is one of them. 

Delta Morning by zyxz. 

It's from his 12 track album of the same name and it's a beauty. As I write this I realise I know nothing about the artist other than the spot of info on his bandcamp page that says he is from London (I should have asked really after he kindly shared this work ). But when I started playing through the album it just blew me away and I jumped straight on to bandcamp to buy it. In his own words the album is ''a chilled vaporwave witch-house inspired electronica body of work". I see where he is going.  There is comparable stuff out there but there is something about this work that just got me. It has that mix of melody, soundscape haze, glitch, busted up beats and relentless building grooves and atmosphere that keep you hooked. 

It really is fantastic stuff and the lead track that I have gone for is a great example. Go to bandcamp to pick up the album. You won't regret it. 

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