27 Mar

Yunas Orchestra – Scratching The Surface

Oh man, i have been pretty rubbish at checking out new music for quite some time now…its been that hectic. On top of that we still get sent some great stuff. Stuff i like i keep to one side with the aim of posting it up, but then the days and weeks go by and other stuff comes through etc.


Anyway, tonight i had a bit of spare time so I went back to some of those tracks and came across this beauty we got sent in November last year. I posted a Yunas Orchestra track before, the fantastic Enjoy The Juice – a kind of blend of slo-mo house and live jazz. Today’s track is a bit more of the same but is also definitely a step on. Its a bit more house, a bit more electronic a bit more dancefloor. In short is absolutely superb. It just builds and builds with lovely live instrumentation then the 4/4 comes in, the electronics build and before you know it you are properly wrapped up in the track. Fantastic stuff, as is the whole EP. Make sure you check it out over at bandcamp.

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