12 May Yuan Orch

Yunas – Enjoy The Juice

Lately, we have received a huge amount of new music, so most of my listening as i travel to work is checking out as much of it as possible. A lot of what we have received has been great and todays track is a great example. It came to us a while back, but as always, it takes a while to get round to stuff.


Its the first time I have come across Yunas, and other than the fact that they come from Berlin I know very little about them. The info with the release mentioned that the ep this track comes from (the Yunas orchestra ep) is based around free form studio sessions and the odd thing is, I listened to the tracks before reading the info (as I usually do) and felt that it had a kind of live, almost jazz like feel to the tracks.


Enjoy the juice is really nice, slo-mo deep house, with jazz touches, electronic squelches and a ton of other stuff. It's really gorgeous and just builds and builds really nicely, the live elements adding a welcome comparison to the more programmed beat, particularly the vibes section. Gorgeous stuff and follow the link to Bandcamp to check the rest of the ep out and purchase if you fancy it.



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