31 Aug

Yumi Zouma – Persephone

A journey that should have taken me about 15 minutes took me over an hour today. That's the way it is in Malta sometimes if there is an accident or a breakdown. But usually the sun is shining and the music is playing so it kind of makes up for it. I also had a colleague with me who i picked up on the way so I didn't subject him to my music taste so had a pretty musicless journey in. 


But on the way home i busted out some new tracks to listen to and with that summer sun you need some summer vibes so i headed to a few tracks that came up on soundcloud from the excellent Yumi Zouma. Hailing from New Zealand they deal in gorgeous electronic indie pop (a poor description really). And preceding their upcoming album release they have been feeding out a few tracks which is where tonight's track comes from. I almost went for Depth Part 1 which is also tremendous but Persephone just nicked it.


Sometimes tracks take you over with their pure warmth of sound and gorgeousness…this is one of them. As we always say here, you may come across plenty of stuff that tries to do this sort of thing but plenty come up short Yumi Zouma don't – miss. I mean, where to start: beautiful production, delicate melodies coming in out, lovely riffs all topped with a truly lovely vocal. Did i mention the production: man it is something. One of those where you cant help but shake your head at simply how great it sounds. really, really looking forward to their next album. head over and check their stuff out.

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