21 Feb

Yosi Horikawa – Dots


So, it has been a bit of mad week which means it has been a bit of a slow week on the blog. But we are back, all be it with a shortish post tonight, as i didn't have a commute today and i am posting up a track by an artist we have covered before – Yosi Horikawa.
Last time i put up the beautiful Bubbles from his excellent Wandering EP and you could say today is more of the same. He has a new EP out – Whispers From An Angel on First Word Records, the lead track with the same name is similar to stuff on the Wandering EP but utileses a nice R&B/Soul vocal. Its a nice track but the one that does it for me is the next track Dots. It is a beat driven instrumental like Bubbles and again utilses beautiful field recordings, coming over very Prefuse 73. With there being no vocals on this track he can go for it a bit more, glitch it right up, deploy all the bleep, samples and mad bass he wants…and then a really nice melodies sweep in and you then realise you are nodding your head like a mad man. More quality stuff from the man..check it out.

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