03 Jul

Yosi Horikawa – Bubbles






I drove in to work with my wife and son today which was really nice (he wasn’t going to work just in case you were wondering), which meant that conversation and radio was the soundtrack to my travel. Subsequently, I believe that entitles me to a freebie.

Either way I was going to put this track up. Sometimes, when you come across a new track, after a few seconds you know something good is going on: and so was the case with Yosi Horikawa’s ‘Wandering’ ep. I was playing through some stuff on Bleep at the weekend and from the intro of the various balls bouncing, I knew I was going to love this track and probably the EP. It is a tremendous set of electronic music, using various rhythms and sounds, but the track that stands out for me is the opener, ‘Bubbles’. It’s kind of like Enya meets Prefuse 73, in a really god way, with a 4/4 groove for a base. Sonically, the whole thing sits together beautifully. The field samples of bouncing balls and bottles chiming merge perfectly with the melodic keys and synths to create the most warm, beautiful atmosphere. As Aapie and I often say, it’s hard to explain, you just have to listen.

This is the first time I have come across his work but it has led me to another ep and one of his mixes (which you can download from the really nice website where I pinched this picture http://www.rhythm-incursions.com/2010/11/22/yosi-horikawa-guest-mix/). Also you can read more about him via the label who released this EP – http://www.firstwordrecords.com/artists/yosi-horikawa/

Really nice stuff – have a listen and can’t recommend the EP highly enough.


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