12 Aug

Yoon – Boundaries (Master of Glitches Remix)

I’ve covered a lot of older music of late. I guess the summer makes me nostalgic, but I think it’s time we got back to the here and now and featured some new music. So I’m going to kick off this week with the literally magnificent:

Yoon – Boundaries (Master of Glitches Remix)

Now I don’t really know a whole lot about Yoon, the Dutch based Glitches label or the Master of Glitches remix moniker. The label is new, and this remix pack is their first release. The labels brief is to take people who work in specific genres out of their comfort zone and see what they can do and if this EP is anything to go by its an idea that’s worked really well. The EP comes with three remixes  Master of Glithces, Secuem and Gabriel Ananda (but I have to ask why no original by Yoon?).

All three remixes are top draw, the original, available on Bandcamp, is a chilled Balearic style number from the Romanian based duo. It's nice, very atmospheric and very emotive. But the various remixes in the pack build on that, taking the vocal and reworking it into three very different remixes that cover a lot of different bases.

The Secuem remix is chilled atmospheric electronica, followed by a slightly more club heavy acid tinged rework by Gabriel Ananda. But it’s the mysterious Master of Glitches remix that sits most easily with me. Master of Glitches is apparently a well known house producer working under a pseudonym, and Holy Moly, he's nailed it! Sometimes tracks really get into your mind and don’t leave, and I heard this on Friday night and haven’t been able to stop listening to it since then. It’s essentially a nice mid tempo deep house builder along the lines of Mario Basanova and the like. A nice swinging beat, the classic deep house organ bass (think the Robin S Bass in the lower octaves) and a wonderful filtered and sweeping vocal and strings/pad.

In fact my only gripe is that it sometimes feels a little too like a dub version, and a little short. I’d love to hear a really epic ten minute style full vocal rework in the same way as the other two remixes have them – it’s a bit odd as even though the vocal is only really a couple of lines longer they somehow feel slightly more complete as songs. Anyway, that's a very small gripe though, as it’s an utter gem of a track, that sits across a few genres: deep house, nu disco, big room Ibiza house.

I got sent the promo material for the EP last week, and on listening to the samples I liked it a lot. In fact I liked it enough that I went straight to Beatport and bought it without waiting for a full promo to come through.


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