29 Jun

Y Society – Good Communication






I was spoilt for choice to today, and could quite easily have blogged two or three of the tracks that came up. But there is always a temptation to go with the big classic track that everyone knows so I decided to opt for the lesser known of the three tracks I thought were blog material.

Y Society – Good Communication

It’s strange but I find it really difficult to blog about Hip Hop. Which is quite incredible when you consider it is, and has been, the dominant musical form on the planet for the last 25-30 years. No other music, bar I think I read somewhere Country, even comes close to that level of world wide exposure.

I find it difficult though, mainly because I dislike much of what it’s become over the last 10 years and I just presume people will by default lump what I like in with the rest of it the stuff I don’t like – and I’m sure many people do. I mean I don’t mind a bit of the pop rap, or even some of the gangster stuff, but let’s face facts other than pure escapism it’s got nothing to connect me, a middle aged white guy, with it.

Y Society is a group hailing from the United States East coast  containing Washingtons Damu the Fudgmunk on beats and DJ duties and Bostons Insight on MC and beats duties. In 2007 they dropped their debut album “travel at your own pace”, and it’s a lovely little album with nice beats, cuts and an MC that ties it all together with clever lyrics that can sit in both the braggadocios or positive camps quite easily.

It’s quite hard to pick a stand out track from the album, but I’m going to go for Good Communication.

For a start the beat is amazing, predominantly drum led it’s just raw, and crisp and funky as hell, the melody is light and brought with the stab and minimal bass line, and the MC’ing is quick witty and plays of Damu’s cuts really well.

I won’t natter to long about it as it’s probably a track you either love or hate dependent on your interest in this kind of music, but I think it’s worth checking out.

However before I depart and leave you to the music I'm just going to remind you you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter, we don't bite so come say hello.


*Pic taken from http://www.familybeats.org

Playlist Friday 29th June 2012

ah, friday my old freind! what took you so long?

Not gonna mess about today, I copped the early train purely by chance, and sat down to the awesome beats of Woolfy, followed up by a selection of tracks from Pharcyde, Y Society, bit more Woolfy, Ray Mang and more Phrcyde.

I got to work in a ood mood, and i'm out… enoy the weekend.

Playlist: Woolfy – Warehouse, Pharcyde – Passing me by, Pharcyde – Yo Momma, Y Society – this is an introduction, Y Society – Good Communication, Woolfy – Odyssey,  Rampi feat Mis Bee – Feel it Burn (Ray Mang Remix), Windy City – Chicago, Pharcyde – Running, Pharcyde – Officer, Skeelo – I wish,

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