22 Jan

Xique-Xique – Apnée

It's been a tough start to the year for The Walk to Work family and for personal reasons we've been slow to get going again. I won't dwell on this stuff here but a lot of things have been put in perspective for both myself and Fourbears jr. However it's finally time to get back on the horse and pick up with one of the things that makes us most happiest…. MUSIC!


We'd planned to do all sorts of things to start the year, top 10's mixes, but instead i'm just going to go for a track that picked up recently that's been on steady rotation since I grabbed it recently. Xique-Xique – Apnée


Both of us have always had a love of down tempo Electronica, maybe it's the Hip Hop kid in us, but anything that can sit across genres really excites us, and i think that's why I love Apnée so much as it's a genuine blend of so many things I love. A loopy House style thumping bass driven beat that is slowed down to the mid-100bpm range bringing with it a strange Skanking melody that can't you can't help but be captivated by.


It's kind of like tech house meets Nightmares on Wax but hey, I was never really good at comparisons, so just trust me when I say it's a fantastic piece of music.


I don't know much about Xique-Xique, this is my first encounter with him/them, but skimming through Xaxoeira the Xique-Xiques EP on The Magic Movement, and i'll be tracking down a lot mroe.


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