11 Jun

World Of Twist – Sons Of The Stage

I can’t lie, today’s track actually came on the radio as I was driving home. Its a track I have been meaning to post for a while, so I thought, up it goes.

World of Twist were a band from Sheffield in the UK who kind of got lumped in with some of the other ‘baggy bands’ but who were always better than that and a bit more creative. Their sound had many more influences than those bands, such as northern soul/mod as well as the more common psychedelic ones.

Sons of the stage is just a massive, driving mod / indie / rock dance tune from about 1991. My mate had the 12 that I think had a kettle on the front although I may have confused that with The Storm, their first single. He used to run nights and never failed to play this track. It always went down a storm. Simply, the louder it gets the better it is. Liam Gallagher’s Beady Eye did a cover version that should be avoided at all costs.

Just start this video, turn it up as high as you can, get a bit of talc down and bust some moves.


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