23 May

Windy City – Chicago (Kon Edit)





There are very few names you can trust in the rare groove, funk and soul scene as much as the legendary digging duo Kon & Amir. It's a stamp of quality, that you just know will deliver no matter what. Their compilations for BBE are some of the most revered out there, and their compilation releases are anticipated almost more than Christmas.

Further than that within the re-edit scene Kon is regarded as one of the best – in part thanks to the vast collection of Multitracks he's accumulated as part of the "Super Friends" and in part thanks to his incredible knowledge of what makes the dance floor move.

And "Windy City – Chicago" is one of those edits that grabs you right where it needs to and makes you move in ways you never thought possible.

I'm not going to pretend I knew this track before this edit dropped, and as such I have no idea how much of an edit this is, but I am going to say it's a full on Funk-soul stomper. From the opening bass licks to the choppy guitar, to the catch "Chi-c-a-g-o, it's my Chicago" sing along vocals. The track delivers and 9/10 times gets a rewind just so I can hear those opening bars again.

I also have a theory that the greatest singular thing in dance music is the Clap. It can really drive a tune more than anything else. It can make a drum beat sound tight, or loose, it can inject energy and fun. Pretty much you can tell everything about a dance tune by how good the clap is, and this track is all about the clap. Honestly when I'm listening to this track I literally want to step from one foot to the other and join in the Soul Clap.

Great track, out on Basic Fingers, backed with an incredible re-work of Sylvesters "You make me feel", and that's all there is to say.

Playlist Wednesday 23 May 2012

I woke earlier than normal today and took my time getting ready for work, which meant I had a little bit of time at hand to load some new music on my player. As I headed to the station the sun was shining brightly and there was literally only one way to start the journey and that was the summery funk onslaught of "Windy City – Chicago" it got a few listens, from there I pushed shuffle on recent music playlist and let it do it's stuff. Next up was the dubbed out disco of the Idjut Boys "One for Kenny" , followed swiftly by the not so dubbed out 10cc chopping disco of "Late Nite tuff Guys – I don't like Acid", and then things darkened up with Ferraux's – 13 Assassins a dark electronic slo-motion pulse stopper. Cheering things up a bit from there I skipped about until Heion – Seashell landed in my ear phones. 78 Edits kept it all things disco with their cracking "Doing Alright", and then as I left the station the sun hit me again and I just had to head back to the Chi-Town.

Playlist: Windy City – Chicago, Idjut Boys – One for Kenny, Late Nite Tuff Guy – I don't like Acid, Ferraux – 13 Assassins, Heion – Seashell, 78 Edits – Doing Alright.

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