25 Jun

Willie Graff & Tuccillo – Set me Free





As you may have fathomed from reading any of my posts I like tracks that take a simple concept and build on it.

I’m a firm believer that within writing music sampling and looping is probably one the most simple of concepts to understand but one of the hardest to actually carry off effectively. People will argue it but theoretically anyone can take a 4 bar loop and make 64 bars out of it, but how do you take say one bar and build it into a 7 minute track AND hold peoples attention? For me it takes some real talent to elevate something from the "oh they've just looped (insert name here)" to "how did they get there from there?".

Today is one of those tracks. Willie Graff and Tuccillo – Set me Free.

It's an incredible piece of music, written obviously with the dance floor in mind it loops what sounds like a half bar, and just keeps adding elements and twisting it until the track kicks up a gear with the introduction of filtered Rhodes and a looped vocal. Yeah a track built around a half bar, doesn't sound that interesting but that's why it's so good, the filter sweep moves the track on at just right points meaning you don't feel like you're listening to the same thing over and over again and blimey there is some serious bass underpinning the whole thing. The pace of the track is just right, and in many ways it reminds me of the 2020 vision sound from back in the days, a locked groove that just keeps changing all the way.

As an added bonus despite being pure out and out disco tinged deep house there is a real sense of the 70's about the track, it just makes me want to go all Ben Stiller and swim across the dance floor to dance off against Fourbearsjr (I'd win).

I have a couple of things in my collection by Monsieur Graff, and Tuccillo, as well as a couple of Graff & Tuccillo things, and along with Ron Basejam, Bonar Bradberry and Late Nite Tuff Guy are my go to producers for dance floor tinged stompers.

I grabbed it off eMusic, it came out back at the end of March i think, but you can get it on all the download outlets.


Playlist Monday 25th June 2012

It was a very early start for me today, and on top that it was a pretty rough night last night, been a bit choppy over the weekend, and ended up spending most of yesterday in bed feeling rough and watching Fireman Sam with my little boy.

So i exercised the right to listen to an album, in this case the excellent Future Disco presents Poolside Sounds.

It's a nice compilation, that despite taking in a lot of tracks I already owned I decided to stump up for anyway, as there are some cracking little tunes in there, such as Ron Basejams amazing remix of The White Lamps – "It's You", Poolside – Do you believe, Bonar Bradberry – You were Away, Mam – Crushed Ice, there are too many tracks to list, but i let it play pretty much from start to finish.

In fact i very nearly logged all of the above mentioned tracks, but opted for one of the few tracks not on the collection the above Willie Graff & Tuccillo.

Granted, it's a lazy route to selecting todays playlist, but it fitted a tired journey and I spent the rest of the day humming various melodies to myself.

Playlist: Future Disco presents Poolside Sounds, Willie Graff & Tuccillo – Set me Free, Willie Graff & Tuccillo – Get it on, Willie Graff & Tuccillo – Lunar Feelings

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