14 Jun

Willie Bobo & The Bo Gents – Broasted or Fried


Its friday evening, time to have a couple of cheekies to welcome the weekend and there is nothing like a bit of funk to help it on its way.

Aapie is travelling so i am chucking something up tonight, so didn’t have anything planned. Plus i drove to work so early that i was still half asleep and can’t remember a damn thing. But the sun there is still quite a bit of light about, its a lovely summers evening and this track is the perfect partner for such a time.

As most will know Willie Bobo was (in the main) a Jazz/Latin percussionist but released plenty of stuff that fits straight into Jazz Funk, particularly via his Willie Bobo and the Bo Gents set up which todays track comes from. I actually came across this track via a bootleg when i used to DJ playing a lot of Jazz, Funk and Latin and it has remained one of my favourite trucks. Why, because it is so damn funky. It starts as it goes on – it gets in a groove and never lets up, the horns come in and give it some oomph now again and there is some immense sax and guitar playing, but it is the underlying groove that just keeps the whole thing rolling.

I later picked up the original album it came from ‘Do What You Want To Do’ which is ace and has similar great tracks like the opener (titled the same as the album) which the above description would have also fit perfectly. But i still have a soft spot for Broasted or Fried – Great title, great funk track. Hopefully it can start a little party wherever you are.

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