12 Mar Wildbeasts-Smother

Wild Beasts – Loop the Loop (D-Pulse Edit)

It’s been quite a nice relaxed week so far, and my daily commute has been nice and relaxed for the most part. Which means i’ve been able to sit back and relax and really get into the music I’ve been listening to. It’s all been quite chilled this week and my choice for today is a nice little D-Pulse re-work from a year or so ago

Wild Beasts – Loop the Loop (D-Pulse Edit)

Been a big fan of D-Pulse for a while now. Velocity of Love was one of my favourite tracks for a long time (and still gets a hell of a lot of play), and whilst not the most prolific of production teams the stuff they do get out is always of the utmost quality.

This time out they’ve reworked Northern indie Rockers Wild Beasts, taking the track loop the loop and turning it into an instrumental dubby disco treat. If you don’t know the original it’s worth checking it out, the album Smother that it’s taken from is quite good.

The track as the title suggests is very loopy, but as with most things like this it’s all in the layering and subtle changes that brings.

Best of all it’s free, so grab it whilst you can.

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