24 Apr

White Denim – Get Back To Love (Street Joy)






I didn’t have to head into work today so my choice is another freebie. But to be honest I think I would have ended up on this track anyway as I have just loaded up a load of new stuff and this is a track I would have been looking out for.

So, I have gone for a new track by White Denim that is starting to appear all over the place…so why not on one more blog. Now, if you are into ‘alternative music’ for want of a better term, or I guess, music generally, you will have probably heard of White Denim from Austin, Texas. As longs as I have been aware of them (from around 2007/8 although I am sure they were active before this) they have always received great reviews for what they do, but for some reason, there stuff always evaded me or vice versa. However, i recently downloaded their last album ‘D’ and have to say it absolutely blew me away and now I am working back through their other work. My friend Andy recently suggested going to see them and oh, how I wish we had.

You often hear the terms “Garage/Psych Rock” used when describing their stuff and this is true but it is missing so much. Particularly on ‘D’, which I am obviously more familiar with, there are elements of jazz (see the amazing ‘River To Consider’) and soul (see Street Joy’), with many other styles weaving in and out. The garage/rock is there but there is real ingenuity behind it – see amazing opener ‘It’s him’ and ‘Back at the farm’. It really is a phenomenal album.

The track I have gone for though is a reworking of ‘Street Joy’ – ‘Get Back To Love (Street Joy). There are different lyrics and they have basically upped the soul/r&b ante and, dare I say it, it has some Steely Dan qualities to it. How easily they pull this off shows just how good they are. In doing a bit of research for his track I came across a couple of other posts mentioning that the alternative lyrics were from an R Kelly track. But it appears (and I only know this as James Petralli from the band kindly took the time to thank the poster for putting up their track and also point it out –  a nice touch I thought) that this isn’t a cover but the B-Side is (a cover of R Kelly’s ‘Don’t You Say No’). So, I guess that this is an ep but I haven’t seen it as an official release, so maybe it is internet only??. I am sure I have probably got it all wrong but hey ho.

Now, I heard it on the tremendous rcrdlbl.com site where you can also download it, so I think it is only right that I post it via them. Check it out and I can’t recommend the rest of White Denim’s stuff highly enough.

Picture from LastFM.

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