13 Mar

The Wedding Present – Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)

So, i am sure that some people will look at/listen to todays track and go eh! Some will go, yes!

I am dj'ing at my best friend's (is it weird saying that when you are middle aged?) 40th birthday party on Saturday. We have very similar music taste, and were both very into 'Indie' music in the early 90s. Over the last few days i have been pulling together the music i will take along to play and a large chunk of it is classic indie stuff. Last night i finished compiling it and today, on my drive in to work, i set the indie folder to shuffle. It threw up some beauties (Sex Laws by Beck, Race for the prize by the Flaming Lips, a number of tracks by the Pixies), but the one that nearly made me crash the car was todays track.

The Wedding Present's cover of Make Me Smile (come up and see me).

The original by Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel is a classic, but i just love this version and the memories it brings back. The Wedding Present were pretty heavy at times and they certainly give it some on this track. David Gedge has never had the most melodic voice (thats a good thing), the drums absolutely clatter along, its a cliche but the guitars are like a buzz saw driving the track along at an alarming rate and the stops and starts give enough relief before it hits you in the face again. But despite all that, the tremendous song (lyrics, melody and all) are never lost. One of the best bits to check out is the increasing wall of guitars at the end of the track, post the last pause, as they layer a few more on top for good measure.

We used to have great fun trying to replicate this version in our band and the track comes from the 3 songs ep which is possibly their best and worth checking out. If i get to play it on Saturday we will lose it, but today my commute was far better for it. 


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