19 Aug

We Are Legends – In Too Deep (Arthur Younger Remix)

It’s been a crazy couple of months with everyone involved in the blog being all over the place, with holidays and moves and family commitments and we’ve been slack on being able to keep up with all the music that’s coming through – and as such some slip through the cracks. So today i’m going to rectify that and blog a great little track that’s been criminally sat in my inbox for about a month in the Arthur Younger Remix of Swedish duo We Are Legends – In Too Deep.

I think we cover a pretty varied array of music on this blog, from guitar based music to electornica, Deep house to Hip Hop, and we’ve always featured poppy-style dance music which is exactly what today’s track is all about.

I’m not familiar with the original version but Arthur Young has certainly delivered a great little dance floor friendly mid-tempo garage style house track. Starting out with a energetic beat the track builds nicely with layers of melody and the introduction of a lovely classic house piano riff, counterpointed by a soul full but heavily effected vocal.

If you’re familiar with artists like Penguin Prison, RAC, Van She and Miami Horror you’ll be familiar with the style of music.

Anyway, it’s out now, and you can grab it on itunes, beatport and a few other places.

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