24 Aug

Vulfpeck – Back Pocket

Posts have been a bit thin on the ground between Aapie and I for a number of reasons. Mostly to do with us being old gits with jobs and families (neither of those are bad things by the way and I'm not complaining). additionally, i have been meaning to post this track fooooorrrreevvvvvvvveeeer.


Why? well because it is funky as hell. You have probably heard of Vulfpeck, the American funk/indie band. Their last album got quite a bit of coverage after it was released in 2016, particularly tonight's track: backpocket. And so they should as this is such an absolutely genius slice of funk with and indie side.


They clearly model themselves on funk bands of the past, the session musicians of those classic labels and artists. but they bring a little bit of tongue in cheek and general cheekiness to proceedings (check the lyrics in the bridge "ooh gee, Oh Gosh)…. This is all over back pocket. Think the CB's misdemeanour  brought up to date..catchy and funky as hell, with that kind of kid vocal in the middle. This flows to the video which is also ace. Just Awesome and i swear you will be singing this for days – if you work in an office you will undoubtedly be told to shut up. Just play it to them and get them singing it too.


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