28 Oct

Voices Of Black – Get Enough

Bizarre commute today. Against the excellent advice of my wife I decided to go through with my planned journey to London from Leeds, despite the reported rubbish weather. I got as far as Peterborough – they then announced that a tree on the line meant either turn round and head home or jump on a coach from Peterborough to London. I went for the first option.

So basically I sat in the same spot for about 3 hours doing work. But I also got to listen to some stuff I picked up at the weekend, in particular the new ep from Voices Of Black. I have gone for the lead track which is a really nice mid tempo, electronic house track. I love the lo-fi production, the half chopped samples and the voice so low in the mix. Their ex hip hop credentials come through in the groove which is the core of what makes it so infectious. This is getting a lot of coverage right now and rightly so. A great ep, well worth checking out.

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