25 Jan

VINCENT FLOYD – get up (tape_hiss dub)

A few months ago whilst checking my Soundcloud stream I stumbled upon a beautiful deep house from an artist called Tape_Hiss. The track isn't out yet, when it is I'll blog it, and as yet has no release date, but every time I check back to see if it's penciled in for release I pick up on this remix he did of Vincent Floyd's classic Get Up.


The Original (below) came out on Dance Mania, way back in 1990, and anyone who frequented the house music based clubs will recognise the track. A simple Chi-House style "kick snare clap" beat with a melancholic pad over the top punctuated by Horn stabs and counter melodies – essential classic late 80's house. Similar to the stuff you'd have heard on Trax and any number of other house based label.


Anyway, fast forward and Tape_Hiss has re-dubbed the track, a heavier kick, bouncing square bass and Vibes style arpeggio, underlays the original pads building it into a mid-tempo jacking house workout.


The remix is free to download, so grab it while you can.



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