16 Mar

Victor Bermon – View Of The Islands





Haven’t had the best of days today, wasn’t going to put something up, but in the end decided to. It’s going to be short and sweet though.

I have gone for a track off Victor Bermon’s album from 2007 – “Arriving At Night”. It is pretty straight ahead, glitch based electronica with hip hop elements. Now, it isn’t as out there and revered as people like Prefuse 73, but, it is still a beautiful album. I think some people who have reviewed it have really missed the point. The album has a consistent sound, but that sound has subtle changes and flourishes which add real warmth to the music. As I have said before, with this type of electronic music that emotion and engagement can really be lost, but this album wraps itself around you from the off. From the title, to the cover, this album is all about travel and it fits it so well. I have actually been on an overnight flight listening to this album and with the lights dimmed it fit perfectly.

The track I have gone for is one of the less obvious on the album but I think one of the most beautiful – “View of the islands”. It is not as straight ahead and approachable as other tracks such as “Farewell Lunch For Laura”. But the chopped up live instrumentation, bass and pace of the track are just beautiful (yes I know I have used that word a lot but it is necessary).

I have a couple of remixes by him but I haven’t seen anything for a while. I really can’t recommend this album enough. Well worth your pennies and time.

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Playlist Thursday 15th March 2012

Not the best of days to day, plus work has been crazy. Going into work on the train it was cold and foggy, so this album was perfect company. Still, almost the weekend. For MH – Better days to come.

Playlist: Victor Bermon – Arriving At Night (Album)

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