16 Sep

Unknown – Damajed

I said last week that i've been slowly working my way back through my vinyl collection and I'm going to go with another one form those rips that i've been listening to today.

Unknown – Damajed

If you are even remotely into Hip Hop you probably know the original track, Jeru the Damaja – Ya Playing Yaself. It's a classic, from his first album, produced by DJ Premier this along with Come Clean is probably his two defining moments, and possibly are stand out moments in Hip Hop themselves.

Well essentially this is a slo-mo Drum and Bass remix of Ya Playing Yaself. Slo-Mo drum and bass? well yes, kind of, and it sounds better than saying trip hop which it ins't. It’s basically a flip side to a full on drum and bass remix where they’ve taken the basic elements and dropped it to hip hop speed, used the full vocal and built it up into an 8 minute bass heavy work out that rolls along quite smoothly.

I've never found out who did the remix, I’ve heard it's DJ Hype, but then i've heard it's a ton of other people as well. It came out on a white label with little more than the legend Damajed printed on it, but that's ok it's still a belter and it's one of those tracks that when ever i've played it out people have come up and asked about it.

Anyway, it's a cracker and apologies to fourbearsjr who I think was aiming to do this later this week having asked me to rip it 🙂

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