11 Feb

United Future Organisation – Doopsylalolic

I have to say that I'm a bit all over the place at the moment, when it comes to music. Things have been a bit crazy and so I have a huge backlog of stuff to check out and it's been hard to find the time to blog.


Anyway, call for sympathy over, I didn't really play much on a pretty harassed journey into work (I had to be on time this morning and so I was working like a military operation to drop my son off and get going on time), so I paid pretty much no notice to what was playing. So instead I am going to share a track that came up while me and the family were having a bit of an all vinyl boogie on Wednesday (it was a public holiday here in Malta) and today's track really had everyone going a bit bonkers (although my 2 year old shouting prepare to assault along to who's the bad man was also ace).


Doopyslalolic by United Future Organization. 


Anybody who was into the post acid jazz, dance floor jazz scene will know this lot well. They released a string of quality ep's and albums that tackled Brazilian classics (Upa Neguinho) to more dance oriented originals like today's track. It still sounds fantastic, the Jimmy McGriff sample (the worm, also used to great effect by the dust/chemical brothers) and frankly pounding, funky bass line just propel it along and I love the way it builds and builds until the vocal shouts "Take it up!" as a sample of George Duke Au Right comes in (an immense funk track in its own right). Great memories of playing this out all the way through my time on the decks as it would slot in well to any set. Quality stuff.

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