09 Jul

Ulysses – The Falcon

It’s late and I’ve still got the dishes to do, so it’s a short one tonight. While I had a commute, it was one of those where nothing jumped out at me, in fact I barely remember listening to anything at all.

But the Starar track I posted up yesterday got me thinking, about pop songs and particularly hidden, alternative, rough pop songs. Songs that have that pop under current but are a bit out there, songs that make you think… Why don’t more people know about this or like this?

I am sucker for a good two minute pop song and I’m thinking about dedicating this week to great 2 minute pop songs that are less well known. Which brings me to today’s track – The Falcon by Ulysses.

Ulysses is the side project of Robert Schneider from The Apples In Stereo, who themselves were an indie/rock, pop band from the US and who were part of the Elephant 6 label/group of bands. The 010 album came out in 2005 and was pretty much recorded on his laptop and this comes through in its directness. None more so than this track which frankly is a 2 minute ferocious pop slap in the face. IT IS LOUD, scorchingly so, liable to tip over into total distortion at any minute. I wish there were more tracks like this (and kudos to superjumpman92 for posting this on YouTube).

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