04 Oct

Tycho – Epoch

The traffic in Malta is bad at the best of times. But all the schools and the university have gone back, add in some major roadworks and you have got journeys that are a few miles long taking an hour. You need to get yourself into a zen like state when you set off. You need some cracking tunes to kee you chilled.


We have featured Tycho a few times on the blog (Aapie mostly) so there isn't much to say there about the artist. But this is a new single from Scott Hansen's project (been meaning to stick it up for a while as it has been out and about for a bit). And while it has a lot of the qualities of previous Tycho stuff, gorgeous melodies, shimmering electronics, reverb guitar, this is definitely another step on. Its a touch darker, a touch harder and i love the build to the 4.30 minute mark where it drops our and the comes crashing back in a bit chopped up, a bit repeating, really driving. Absolutely gorgeous stuff and im now heading off to check the rest of the album.

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