20 Feb

Tycho – Dive





Chillwave is a really annoying term. There I've said it, and now that is out of the way I can concentrate on what has been one of my favourite tracks of the last few months, Tycho -Dive.

If you have been following the blog then you'll know I've already touched on the fantastic Ghostly Internationals output with Shigeto, and I'm revisiting them again today for this track from the Scott Hansen alias Tycho  and his LP – Dive, released last October.

Without wanting to mess about I'll get straight to it, the album is stunning. Hansen weaves amazing melodies with indie inspired bass lines (think Peter Hook) and classic 80's production – heavy compression, saturation and layered pads and synths. It has New Order all over it, but that is a tad unfair on the talents of Hansen as it's certainly no copy cat music by numbers affair.

Dive is the stand out track for me, but they are all excellent, and as great as the album is it's the one track I think really brings all the elements home to roost in one place. Vocal tinged pads, FM bells and Chimes, the aforementioned Hooky-esque bass, an indie-dance beat, a lovely guitar and oodles of passion and a song structure that is so often non-existent in modern Electronica.

I could go on for days but it's been a long day and I'd much rather just let you listen to it.

Also just to be aware Tycho is in the middle of a European tour, with his AV show, remaining dates are: Paris – 24/02/12, Antwerp – 26/02/12.


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