03 Jul

Tycho – Awake

I was laid up with a bad back today and with time on my hands, and with an eye on doing a mixtape, I revisited some older music and Tycho’s album Awake album popped up, and decided i would finally blog the title track after listening to it repeatedly.

Two things i love in music is melancholy and melody and Tycho's music is swathed in layers and layers of both, it's the kind of music you go back to time and time again and hear something slightly different every time. Awake is a great example of this, with melody and counter melody being driven along by a lazy beat and New Order style bass line.

Ever since "Disconnect" back in 2007 both FourbearsJr and myself have been long time fans of Tycho, and his dreamy hip hop laden indie style electronica. Tycho, just in case you don't happen to know, is the music alias for Scott Hansen who is also known for his prominent work as a photographer and designer under the ISO50 name.

Awake came out early last year, and I'm kind of amazed we haven’t blogged it before, despite the title track being the stand out for me there are a number of other equally great tunes on the album, Montana and L both jump straight out but to be honest it's one of those rare occasions when it's just a cracking listen all the way through.

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