20 May Tuxedo

Tuxedo – Do It

One of the best albums I've picked up lately is the Tuxedo LP on Stones Throw, and todays journey was firmly sound tracked by it, so i'm going to kind of take a freebie in selecting one track from it,

Tuxedo – Do It

Now, I've always been a bit of a soul boy at heart, and I was a big fan of bands like SOS Band, New Edition, Change, Prince and the Time, Janet Jackson and specifically the production work of Jam and Lewis, so when i first heard the Tuxedo material I was blown away by how on point it was whilst still sounding fresh and new…sure people have touched on that style, (Up Town Funk anyone?),  but if i'm honest they've all been missing something but not the Tuxedo stuff.

The album as a whole is very consistent, Hawthorne’s vocals over Jake ones lush synth work, but for me te stand out tracks are Do It, Number One and Watch the Dance. 

Yeah, it's a bit cheesy in places (it's meant to be), and yeah the lyrics are silly bubble gum rubbish (again that's the whole point), and in that way it taps right into the feel and emotions of the 80's.

I guess what i really like about it is that it taps into that soulful pop sound that has been doing the rounds whilst still bringing the 8bit 80's synth sounds of artists like Com Truise, Dâm-Funk and co without ever sounding like them – ah, i dunno it's hard to explain, but just rest assured if you like 80's pop you'll like this, and if you like 80's soul you'll love this.

It's available via bandcamp and a bunch of other places, ’tis good check it out, plus they do a mean live show that is totally worth catching:

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