06 Jun

Turtle – Floor

Life is a 100 mph at the moment, we're moving in a couple of weeks and whereas in the past i'd just chuck my scant belongings in a bin bag with a family it's a major logistical operation. Part of that process has been backing up as much of the music on my hard drive as possible, and in the process of doing that over the weekend I started listening to the Colours EP by Turtle on Beatknik Creative and was blown away by how amazing Floor is as a track.


I don't know much about Turtle, and my research seems to point to them being no more (I hope not, but the soundcloud seems to have been shut, the twitter and facebook as well) but never mind because regardless they've left behind some outstanding music.


Floor is a track that is really quite easy to listen to, dreamy indie tinged poppy dance music, that that has a strange uplifting air of menace to it. The track is all about the pay off though, a dark verse is counter pointed by a chorus that is so driving and melodic that you're just waiting for the track to get there – the walking bass line and the beautiful reverb laden vocals it also just builds to an energetic crescendo…. it's just lovely, and I highly recommend you grab it, if you’re familiar with Tycho then you’ll be right at home here.


It also has a f*cking nutso video!   


Anyway, I was convinced i'd featured it before, and trawling through the site and my e-mails I realise it was an EP that was sent to us and despite some contact back and forth I somehow never got around to featuring it. Which is A: a bit shoddy on my behalf but B: amazing because i clearly remember this EP getting hammered over the last year or so.


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