16 Aug

Tube & Berger & Paji – Kleines Traumparadies (Wild Culture Pure Wilderness Remix)

There has been quite a lot of music I wanted to blog this week and today was a really difficult one to chose (if you can call picking a tune to write about difficult), but i plumped for the wonderful:

Tube & Berger & Paji – Kleines Traumparadies (Wild Culture Pure Wilderness Remix)

I've not really kept track of Tube & Berger. Pretty much my only encounter with them was the guilty pleasure that was "Straight Ahead" (It's still a  great Video), but i recently stumbled over their Introlution album and the accompanying Remixes LP. Over the course of the album they’ve taken a much deeper German house route (well they are form Berlin), and the remixes build on that.

One of the nicest tracks on the Album was the closer Kleines Traumparadies, a very mellow end ot the night affair, with dreamy guitars and melancholy piano chords. The Wild Culture Pure Wilderness Remix whilst still mellow goes a slightly different route turning in a nine minute Balearic house stomper.

It's pure beach music, the track opens with heavily effected percussion and a slow drum build to the flamenco-esq guitar but it's the re-arranged delayed piano and drawn strings that really makes this feel like the sun is setting over San Antonio, lovely stuff.

The track and Album was released earlier this year on Kittball, and you can grab it pretty much everywhere.


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