20 Nov

Try To Find Me – Needs Ending

Really didn't want to think this morning so i just hit shuffle and having loaded up with some older tunes over the weekend i was pleasantly surprised when today’s choice popped up. The wonderful: 

Try To Find Me – Needs Ending

Re-edits are tricky things, and having dabbled in afew i speak form experience. Some are obvious just structural reworks, but some like today’s are just completely new tracks based around samples from the original. Needs Ending is essentially a re-work of Jo Jo Zep & the Falcons – Losing Game, Jo Jo Zep was Aussie Rock and Blues band that have had some success in their time. 

Justin William Van Der Volgen the guy behind "Try to Find me" takes the massive opening bass line of Losing Game, the bridge and nothing else, loops them then adds drums percussion delay and reverb along with some simple synths to make a really mesmeric slo-mo disco stomper.

It's been around for a while, a vinyl only release on Golf Channel as far as i know, and got a lot of love within the London edits crowd a few years back…. and rightly so. 


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