06 Nov

Triple Threat – Tha Cipha feat Roc Raida and Rob Swift

I think i've mentioned before that my main background as a young DJ was Hip Hop, mainly as a Scratch DJ. So I'm surprised it's taken me so long to feature a track from the new school of turntablism (I'm classing Premier in Deep Concentration as old school Turntablism).

To be fair that's probably because Turntablism is a difficult one to get across sometimes, it's a very acquired taste and for most people it's not something that really extended past the chorus in a Hip Hop track. But for those that can see it's potential it's transcended hip hop and developed into a quite beautiful artform/musical genre, leaving it's hip hop roots somewhat behind and landing firmly in the EDM scene.

So i guess it's somewhat ironic that the first tablist track i'm going to feature is about as Hip Hop as it gets: Triple Threat – Tha Cipha feat Roc Raida and Rob Swift

Triple Threat is a west coast DJ collective consisting of Apollo and Shortkut from the Invisibl Skratch Piklz/RockSteady Dj's/Beat Junkies and Vinroc from the 5th Platoon DJ crews. The track in question though features two legendary East Coast turntablists in rob Swift and the sadly now departed Roc Raida (Grand Master).

Something I think is important when listening to this track is the need to understand the process behind making it… everything is scratched. Yep,you read that right,  from the hi hats to the MCs Verses, the kick/Snare to the string and disco break being chopped up it's all done by hand by dj's wiggling a record back and forth. Still the means shouldn't justify the ends and while it's all very clever unless it holds together as an actual track it means pretty much nothing. Fortunately this track really does hold together, it's got a cracking funk disco sample, tight yet swinging drums, sick cutting and the bit i really like is the fact the DJ word play really does rhyme like a proper Rap.

Brilliant stuff…. i'm gonna leave it there though and let you listen. It came out back in 2003 on Fat Beats records, and was closley followed by an album, that never quite blew up. since then the guys are all doing their thing, making music DJ'ing at clubs and massivley influenceing the next generation of scratch based dj'ing.


Playlist Tuesday 6th November 2012

So a slightly better attempt at a playlist today for I managed to fix my heaphones and listened pretty much all the way in.

It was bleeding cold when i left for work though, 1.5 degrees, and wrapped up as best i could i decided i needed to warm my ears up with some deep and soulful music. thankfully i'd already loaded my mp3 player yesterday for exactly that reason and just went to the same playlist and let it run past two songs this time.

First up was Pepe Bradock – Deep Burnt – i'll not talk about it as i think that yesterdays gushing post was probably enough. I followed that up with Joe Claussel's remix of Ten City's – All Loved Out – deep and soulful Body and Soul style house music. Next up was Ian O'Brien's remix of Lisa Stansfield's "The Line", followed by Wambonix – Thank You. Both are tracks i'd like to feature at some point so i'll waste no more time on them right now and as the windows of the train finally started to de-mist as we approached Paris the raw skills of the Triple Threat came on and instantly jumped out as the playlist track of choice. From there it was a very quick metro ride to work soundt racked by Benoit and Sergio's – Not in your Nature. As i "slowly" walked across Concorde I took in the raw power of the Stranglers Nice and Sleazy.

Playlist: Pepe Bradock – Deep Burnt, Ten City – All Loved Out (Joe Claussell remix), Lisa stansfield – The Line (Ian O'Brien Remix), Wambonix – Thank You, Triple Threat – Tha Cipha feat Roc Raida and Rob Swift, Benoit & Sergio – Not in Your Nature, The Stranglers – Nice and Sleazy

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