21 Jun

Trinxat – Corol-lari

Welcome back to The Walk to Work, and our new website – it's a little bit new, but a little bit the same. It's been a long discussion, and we've had much debate, around re-designing the website. Total change of direction (looks wise) or keep a familiar feel to everything – we opted for the latter.

So here it is, let us know what you think and let us know if you find anything not working. Additionally if you get the chance please do follow us on social media, it helps us help the artists we cover as it increases reach, we’re now even on Instagram 😀

We're going to kick of the new site with a fantastic track from the brilliant MACO records..

I've always found it interesting how cyclic music can be. Whether that's the producers choices or my own personal taste it's funny how things come back around and i've been enjoying a real resurgence in my interest of all things electronica based of late. 

I've been particularly drawn to the more hip hop/glitch/beat driven stuff, and have been revisiting artists like Prefuse 73, Caural, Take and a bunch of other stuff, which is great but there also seems to be a lot of new stuff coming along that really fits that bill as well, some beautiful work on Cut records that I've already featured and last week we were sent some material by Maco records in Berlin that just blew our socks off.

Needless to say some of it has been getting a lot of play on my daily odyssey to work and I'll feature a couple of tracks this week, the first of which is the above track Corol-Lari by Trinxat.

There is kind of two sides to Coro-Lari, the crazy rhythmic glitching of the main sample means you kind of have to stick with the track the first few times you listen as you really have no clue where it's going, and then the insanely catchy drums drop in and it all slots together and you find your self wondering what just happened.

Repeated listens has you seeking out the drums only to find you've got the melody of the glitched lead and vocal lead stuck in your head, – then the drums come back in. 

It's the kind of track I used to love playing out; the look of confusion on the face of people as they wait for something to happen only to then see the place explode when the beat drops in. Yes, I know I'm purile but still…. 😀

Maco is a relatively new label and Coro-Lari has been out since January, you can grab it via the labels bandcamp page (linked in player below)

great stuff. 

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