23 May

Tranquility Bass – Cantamilla


Didn’t really have a commute today and i have to be honest, as i walked to the computer to write this i wasn’t sure what i was going to go for. But i had a quick look at what i have been listening to and decided it was worth visiting one of my faves that i came across while going through my vinyl.

Cantamilla by Tranquility Bass takes me back to the era of big beat and trip hop etc. As i have said before, both genres, while there were the odd moments of brilliance, had a lot of stuff that is never going to darken your headphones again and you would be hard pushed to remember. However, Cantamilla is one of those tracks that i will always love. Some if its elements are possibly a bit dated, but the early stuff by Tranquility Bass’s Mike Kandel is tremendous and always had something a bit special. This track became pretty well know along with They Came In Peace and Mya Yadana but i think Cantamilla just has something a touch mesmerising about it. It blew me away when i first heard it and maybe nostalgia now that makes it resonate today, but i like to put it down to the fact its just a superbly put together track utilising classical, world and break beat elements. It really is beautiful and you can actually pick it up on Amazon via mp3 download.



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