02 Nov

Tracey Thorn – It’s All True

I was really stuck for something to post today, my mp3 player ran out of juice and to be frank i wasn't really in the mood for music, so it's not really a walk to work today as i picked my track of choice today purely on the reaction of my little boy to the track – he's two but it made him dance.

It is : Tracey Thorn – It's All True

Bit of a forgotten gem for me this track, when it came out originally back in 2007 i liked it but i was always more partial to the Escort remix and on the album Falling off a Log was the stand otu track for me at the time. I guess tastes change though and now the original track is the one i go back to time and time again.

The track is produced by the mighty Ewen Pearson, who i am a big fan of – check out his work as World of Apples or his remix of Seenluft Manila – It's very very 80's Disco sounding, in a time when 80's wasn't really the sound people were aiming for. I mean think D-Train, Shannon, Arthur Baker Productions and disco/electro/soul of that ilk. Detuned Synths, a Yamaha style walking bassline and 808 and DMX drum sounds awash in reverb and tape delay. But the thing that really take the track to the next level is Ms Thorns soulful vocal, especially during the chorus where it acts as a perfect counterpoint o the high octane bass and arp'd synths.

And that is pretty much it to be honest, it's a track I really like (and so does the nipper) so enjoy, I was going to upload the track but then i remembered it had a cracking video and decided to plump for that from her official 

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