15 Sep

Touch Sensitive – Visions LP

There was only ever going to be one artist for me to blog about today, September the 15th, the release date for Visions by Touch Sensitive. Most readers will know I'm a massive fan of Touch Sensitive and I've literally been waiting years for him to drop this album.


Am I pleased with it? Hell yes, one of the things I really like about De Francesco's Touch Sensitive Project is how rather than toeing the regular 80's synth style he's mixed up the R'n'B tinged mid-tempo vocal stylings of the 80's with the more modern hyper-compressed drum styles.


You can hear the Minneapolis influences oozing from the production. Prince is right in there, represented in the song structure and melodies that feel somewhat askew but suck you in never the less. Jam and Lewis also make a huge presence felt, with catchy choruses and bridges that tie the sound together perfectly all neatly tied together with De Francesco's canny production skills.


The album is programmed really well, as you'd expect from MDF and Future Classics, uptempo track balanced out with slower or mid-tempo songs. Standouts are certainly things we may have heard before, Lay Down is probably the most modern and accessible track but pretty much the whole album is strong, particular favourites for me are Lose it All, No other High (the featured track) and Comfortable (just wait for that switch up into the Chorus) and it's also nice to hear an artist do reprises in the head nod to Pizza Guy First Slice and Comfortable.


Awesome stuff, grab it now.


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