20 Jun

Touch Sensitive – Pizza Guy

Anyone who reads this blog will know I have a degenerate addiction to cheesy 80's fodder and this week i've mostly been listening to exactly that, and today I spent a particularly inordinate amount of time listening to today’s track:

Touch Sensitive – Pizza Guy

I've been a massie fan of Touch sensitive for a while, Body Stop is one of my favourite house tracks of the last few years, and Real Talk with Anna Lunoe is also a major major favourite… both of which we've featured on the blog.

Pizza Guy is another track i've had for ages, caned but never go around to blogging – so after today I thought i'd put that right.

It's straight up 80's retro material, from the opening arp synth to the big walked bassline and choiral pads, it's as though the tracks been lifted from one of those straight to VHS films myself and fourbearsjr used to spend our schoolholidays listening to. 

There isn't much to say about the track other than it's a soaring homage to the years gone by, but it's worth watching the video as well, as it's pretty tongue in cheek and has  a couple of cheeky little cameos by other Walk to Work favourites in Chet Faker and Flume (particularly lovely is the awkwardness of the walk on stage bit).


Anyway, it's been out for a while on the brilliant Future Classics, you can grab it on Beat Port and a bunch of other places.

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