30 May

Touch Sensitive – Lay Down

I'm always over excited when Michael Di Francesco's Touch Sensitive project releases another track so when i woke up this morning to see just that when i opened my feed this morning I was, yeah you've guessed it, a little over excited.


It's pretty much what you'd expect from Touch Sensitive, classic up lifiting house sounds – M1 piano and Juno string Chords over a midtempo 4/4 and FM bassline. It doesn't sound like much of a  recipe for a track but it's all about the melody and in that aspect Di Francescos an absolute genius.


My first encounter with Touch Sensitive was Body Stop a beautiful uplifting house classic and if you listen to many of the other artists on Future Classic you'll hear similar production to Di Francesco – Flumes hyper pitched and stuttered vocals for example and de-tuned synths galore, there is also a major r'n'b feel to the labels output. It's not that they have all copied each other but there is definitely a "sydney" sound behind the music however it's the way Di Francesco takes all those elements and creates an unmistakable sound all of his own that does it for me.


It's out  on Future Classic today, and available from the Touch Sensitive Bandcamp – grab it.


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