24 Jul

Total Eclipse – 2012 DMC Showcase

Complete throwback today, and a break from the norm in that i'm posting a video instead of a track.


Most people who follow this blog will know i used to be massively into turntablism and hip hop (I still am if the truth be told), and like everyone i always enjoyed the legendary New York DJ's the X-Men/X-Ecutioners sets. Leading the crew was Roc Raida and Rob Swift but I was always more into Total Eclipse and Mista Sinista's routines, and Eclipse for me is one of the best party rocking DJ's ever.


Which leads us here, to Eclipses 2012 DMC US finals showcase which is effectively a 20 minute party rocking, quick mixing set of the utmost greatness. Yeah there are better technical DJ's out there but Eclipses energy is just so contagious it elevates the set past where it probably be.


And that's it, enjoy and marvel at his skills.


Pic: Unknown Copyright please let me know if your picture so i can accredit.


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