08 Feb

Toro Y Moi – New Beat






So in my last post i mentioned the latest Toro Y Moi album, Underneath The Pines, and threatened to write about a track off it. So here goes.

Toro Y Moi is Chazwick Bundick (i love that name), who's music has received a lot of love and coverage in the alternative music press and beyond, but it is music well worth the praise it receives. His early work got lumped in with the ever so short (and once again terribly named) chillwave scene, compatriots with Washed Out (he actually met and became friends with Ernest Greene of Washed Out at University). But while bands like Washed Out, i feel, have struggled to move on with their sound (i loved the first Washed Out album but couldn't take to the second) i think that Toro Y Moi's music has evolved and got better, keeping some of the elements that made the early work so good, but stretching it enough to keep it interesting.

I have most of the stuff he has released and i think it is pretty much all great – Underneath The Pines is his second album (on the fine Carpark records). But, no problems with the classic second album choke, its great from start to finish. I could have gone for a number of tracks but have plumped for the second track on the album 'New Beat'. The album still has that DIY, electronic vs analog sound at it's heart, but it crosses a number of genres such as the Stereolab prog of 'Light Black' and the 80's warped funk of 'Still Sound', plus, the production has gone up a notch. But where the funk really takes over is the soul boy strut of 'New Beat'. It has enough rough and ready elements to give it some energy and emotion – for instance, he is never going to be the best singer but the double tracked sound just works for him- and the funk of the base, drums and synths keep it rolling on, making it a track that could slot into so many different sets without seeming out of place. But while it does hark back to the past, there is no mistaking that it is a track from the now. A great track and a really great album

Playlist Tuesday 7th February 2012
After a number of months of head scratching, the garage have finally fixed my car. A great result considering how cold it is. Unlike Paris, the snow has settled in the north of England (and most parts) and it is very cold. So, normally i would get a train but not today, today it was the car. My car, unlike the courtesy car i have had for some time, has just a cd player. So, after revisiting the Toro Y Moi album i moved to a random cd out of my stash and what should come up but the last War On Drugs album, Slave Ambient. I am quite a big fan of their stuff and it was so good to hear it again that i almost wrote about a track from that instead of Toro Y Moi, but maybe another time. Still, it is a great album mixing elements of his dylan drawl, americana and the Velvets…erm, .it might make more sense if you ever check it out. But you should, its great.

Playlist: Toro Y Moi – Underneath The Pines (Album), The War War On Drugs – Slave Ambient (Album)

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