16 Apr

Tornado Wallace – Rainbow Road





In the current dance music environment there are few characters as colourful as Tornado Wallace. Looking like the ultimate Hipster in his press photo's, his tracks, released on an array of labels, have been tearing up the world of deep house and nu-disco. His mix for the Melbourne Deepcast was all over the place (in a good way), whilst his mix for Resident Advisor last year was insanely good.

I picked up his Part Nine EP on Graeme Clarks Instruments of Rapture label last year, and it’s been a staple part of my DJ mixes ever since. The Stand out track for me is Rainbow Road, which is the track I’m going to focus on today.

Now Mr Wallace likes a good sample and this track is no exception, the entire track is built around a cheeky little snippet of Rockers Revenge Walking on sunshine. It’s essentially the opening drum and laser effect pattern, but what I like in this is that while many people would focus on the vocals or synth line form such a legendary track Wallace has realised that little opening break defines the whole of the Rockers Revenge track, it tells you everything you need to know about it, it literally carries the entire groove of the track.

Now by extracting that grove and building upon it he makes a very clear statement very early on, this track is going to be fun and bouncy and awesome.

The track is quite loopy and it builds bit by bit with a rolling synth line that just keeps on coming, but it’s the strings that really bring this one home, they are to put it bluntly absolutely amazing. Big, orchestral and most importantly Disco in capital letters.

I’ve wanted to blog it for a while now and finally it came up on my playlist, so check it out, it’s a blinder.


Playlist Monday 16th April 2012

After a relatively grim weekend weather wise the sun is shining brightly here in Paris. There is a chill in the air but when you move into the sunlight that dissipates at a rapid rate.

So I needed music to reflect this and started the day with two new Tracks from Project Tempo, I get excited and Take it back. The first a Soulboy cut up the second a slo-mo deep throb. From there I wen’t to warmer climes and opted for the above mentioned Tornado Wallace track, followed that up with the new Deep & Disco track “knock me out” which drops soon on Disco Deviance. To finish it up I flew south again and listened to two tracks from the Melbourne Deepcast’s first EP. The Saturday sampling Deep by Weekend Express, and Lewie Days – Some kind of man. Which got me right up to the door of the office (well you can’t have everything I guess).

Playlist: Project Tempo – I get Excited, Project Tempo – Take it back, Tornado Wallace – Rainbow Road, Deep & Disco – Knock Me out, Weekend Express – Deeper, Lewie Day – Some kind of Man

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