19 Oct

Tom Middleton – Hawkes Groove

Cast your mind back a few months and you may remember i posted a track called "The Way" by Global Communications. Today i'm posting a track by one half of Global Comm's in Tom Middleton and his recent offering Hawkes Groove.

If you cast your mind back again you may remember the track "One for Kenny" I posted by the Idjut boys, and this like that is a deep house groover in honor of the sadly departed DJ Kenny Hawkes, but where the Idjuts went for the dub disco groove Middleton has gone for the deep chicago/detroit sound of the early 90's that was heavily associated with Kenny Hawkes.

The tracks is a huge vast sprawling deep house builder, heavy analog style bassline on the 3 & 4, Reverbed & filtered stabs, delayed synth lead. It literally could have been a long lost Reload track or even a Model 500 track. it's very emotive and you can here that he's written it with great care and precision but he never loots sight of the groove behind the track.

If you're not a deep house head it might be a hard listen, it takes a long time to build, is very minimal in it's progression as it's all about the groove, but do try and stick with it as it's really a lovely piece of late night sunrise worthy house.

It's out on Ovum records, and all proceeds from the track go to http://www.justgiving.com/kennyhawkes which in turn donates to the British Liver Trust, so if you like it please support it and give the few pounds/euros/dollars needed to make a small difference.



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