16 Jan

Tom Demac – Tanners

TomdemacTodays post it's going to be a very short one. Why? Well this week has been a shocker, so i'm going to cut right to the chase and post a cracking track that i’ve been hammering for a few weeks now:

Tom Demac – Tanners

I'm going to start off with a bit of an unfair comparison but this track really reminds me a lot of the tribal and Junior Boys own/Jus Trax material that was floating around in the late 90's. now there is lot's of 90's influenced house/dance music doing the rounds at the moment but so little of it seems to really move that sound forward and just seems to recycle the same old stuff… sooooooooooo it's great to hear something that is so blatantly rooted in the 90's and yet sounds so so different and new, especially compared to most of the other stuff floating around right now. 

It's deep main room house, the kind of thing you'd have heard the Masters at Work and David Morales hammering at Ministry of Sound in among the big room fodder, the kind of track they'd slip in for the real heads. It's quite a raw track, but i love how it pumps along with the orchestral sounding stabs counterpointing the vocal and string samples…again I have to say, it really reminds me of early Atlantic Jaxx era Basement Jaxx, Black Science Orchestra, Farley & Heller and X-Press2 stuff (just check those filter sweeps)… jacking, high tempo London Deep house.

It came out about a month or so ago, on Pets Recordings. Great stuff enjoy (i said it would be short)

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