20 Jul

Todd Terje – Snooze 4 Love (Dixon Remix)

None of todays choice should be new to regular readers, everyone who's passed by this page should know by now we're big fans of both Todd Terje and Dixon, so having Dixon re-edit one of Terje's finest moments was always going to catch our attention.


Terje's Ragysh EP came out back in 2011, on the flip side was Snooze 4 Love a brilliant 8 minute work out of all Terjes signature sounds. In reality i always preferred Ragysh, it's rotating hypnotic groove just sat better with me. Snooze for Love on the other hand was more dreamy, sun kissed, a bit more krautrock and epic in feel, more sunrise than late night sweaty dance floors.


But shortly after a version of S4L surfaced in DJ sets, Ame for example, it was deeper, darker more DJ set friendly. It turned out it was a re-touch by legendary Deep House merchant Dixon. He tightened the groove, a beat driven intro, and outro, the melodies were manipulated to lock you in rather than build emotion. Something i really like about the track is it's very Dixon without ever losing the Terje feel, it really could be either one of them remixing the other,


Anyway, it's taken about 5 years to get an official release but it's finally here, you'll have to track it down on vinyl i'm afraid, but i think it's worth it.




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