06 Nov

Todd Terje – Ragysh

It's been a bastard of a week and I've had enough, so i'm going for some full on 5 year old matured Swedish euro-cheese from the man like Todd Terje to close out my week, flipping a big middle finger to the world and it's Monday to Friday annoyance and am kicking my shoes off and sock dancing to the magnificently catchy Ragysh Inspector Norse style with my son (come on we all do it).


But yeah, anyway, Ragysh, it's just classic Todd Terje, a snappy CR-78 drum beat (I think) overlapping the Blondie Heart of Glass sample coupled with a fantastic stabby synth melody that gets filtered to buggery, washed out in an insane amount of delay and a punching bass line that counter points the  main melody brilliantly.


But it's all about the journey on this one, the track is mesmerisng, hypnotic building and flowing to the one almighty hands in the air leap like about like a lunatic breakdown at the 4:15 mark as the melody walks up and the Juno esq string pads drift in and it goes full on Italo for far to short a period.


On the still brilliant Running Back records from back in 201 it's one of my favourite Terje tracks (though to be fair there are a lot) and also one of my favourite of the Nordic House/Nu Disco scene. It's just blisteringly good fun, never aging still sounding as fresh today as it did back in 11, so enjoy.  


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