05 Dec

Todd Terje – Q

New Todd Terje Material is always a big deal in the Aapie household, he's one of my favourite artists but he also has a knack for making music that even my wife likes and my little boy can dance to (well wiggle his bum around a bit). So we were all happy when I stumbled onto his new EP on Olsen Records, Spiral. The title track is great but it's the B side that has got us all tapping our foot and giggling like teenagers:

Todd Terje – Q

If you know any of Terjes stuff from before then you are in familiar territory. It's disco house, quite Balearic and very trippy. Like all his music it just locks into a groove and chugs along, it is what i often refer to as quite trancy. Not trancy in the big room glow sticks way but in that mesmeric looping and slowly building way.

The track starts with a quite minimal 4/4 beat, lots of cowbell. The bass melody is a basic walk up and down but it's the slow and dreamy filtering that gives it the energy, then to top it all off as the pads drift up in the back ground and you think you're into the main groove the stabbed chords come in and "smashes it" for want of  a better phrase. It runs about 12 minutes, constantly changes, drums, keyboard sounds, filters you name it it's getting tweaked the whole way through the track.

It's just really great fun music. Anyway, i'm not going to mess about too much, it came out last week is the absolute nuts and if you like Disco, Nu Disco or smiley beach hosue you need it. It also has some crazy artwork. you can grab it on Beatport.

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