16 Aug

Todd is New Each Moment – Uneasy Dreams

As a kid growing up in the early 80's it was very hard to not plug into the New Wave Indie synth scene, and over the last few years there's been a  resurgence in that kind of straight to VHS soundtrack sound.

Understandably most people take the core elements of that sound and place it in a modern context alongside modern-esque production techniques, detuned synths and Roland and Linn drum sounds etc… but 90% of the time in a dancier context. I'm talking about artists like Com Truise, Eliott Lipp and Washed out, and i maintain I tend to prefer that to people going through the motions of remaking something from days gone past that i just can't connect with anymore.

But on the flip of that occasionally someone nails that original sound, in it's original context, and takes you emotionally straight back. Which leads me nicely to the fact I was sitting listening to my mp3 player on the train, wondering what track to blog, and in the midst of all the slo-mo house and 80's cut ups that I've been to lazy to remove, a track I'd been sent a few weeks ago came on and completely changed the direction of my mood in a good way.

Todd is New Each Moment – Uneasy Dreams

I'll be honest here the instrumentation is probably the strongest point, heavy delay, Gated synths and Arpegiated FM bass and an overall mix that sounds compressed to f*ck – but in a good way. The synth melody is bright and catchy but the Vocal is dark and struggling and as a counter is perfect for it; slightly strained and  floating in the background, awash in the mix I suppose. Actually the mix is one of the main things i really like about this, it all sits together really well with a lo-fi mix down that finishes it all off perfectly imperfect. I dunno, in this digital age sometimes it's just nice to hear a mix struggle a bit for separation, and for me at least i like the fact it's electronic music that has an analogue feel and sound to it in both instrumentation and vocals. well, that and the awesome switch up when the chorus comes in.

There are obvious comparisons in the sound, to the early 80's German and British nu-wave synth groups, but that would be a bit lazy and to be honest there are a lot of other people out there who know far more about these things than me and can express them a lot better. In a modern context it reminded me of artists such as Ariel Pink, Symmetry and i guess Cliff Martinez’s Drive soundtrack – although make no mistake it doesn’t actually sound like that or in fact many other contemporary artists out there as far as i’m aware.

However what I would say is, it's very different to a lot of stuff out there, and an interesting track and overall project. Wilk and Hammil, the guys behind TINEM, are obviously very much into challenging the listener with retro and experimental sounds as you'll find if you listen to the other tracks on the EP. infact I've included a link to the guys bandcamp page where you can check out the EP, including Uneasy Dreams.

You may find it a difficult listen at times, but I think it’s all the more rewarding for that, enjoy.


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