15 Jun

TJH87 – Lost into the Night (Feat. Guy Brown) EP

Music blogging can be a bit of a slog sometimes. We get a lot of music sent through to us and between us we listen to everything that comes our way no matter what.

It can be overwhelming at times and it's not always enjoyable. Not to sound ungrateful because I appreciate A: it's a two way street, and B: that it takes guts to put music out there to be judged, but i'd be lying if i said there isn't a lot and sifting through it can on occasion be difficult.

So it's always nice when something cuts through the noise and we get to pick up on, get behind and support in our own little way a label, artist or producer who we like, and Finnish label Youth Control is one of those labels I instantly fell in love with after discovering them via the blog

Regular readers will know I've featured two tracks on Youth Control before, the brilliant Roisto and the talented Lassi Vierimaa under the Disco Despair guise, and this time out it's the turn of label bosses TJH87 and the lovely 80's tinged tropical disco of "Lost Into the Night".

There's lot's to like about "Lost Into the Night", big de-tuned synth stabs, plucked synths combined with melodic FM bells and a soothing vocal that carries the counter melody to the bouncy bass and synth riffs perfectly – it really reminds me of Everything but the Girl, and in particular Tracy Thorn's solo output. It's probably a step into the big room/radio house genre for the label compared to previous outings but it works so well that I can see the track gaining attention across most house genres and it's perfectly placed to do some serious damage in the clubs this summer.

The EP also comes with some really nice remixes. Cats Hero and Pwndtiac both deliver energetic variations on the nu disco theme, but the pick of the remixes for me is the stripped back soft and gentle deep house grind of Tontario. It's a really strong remix that takes all the energy of the track and focuses it on the vocal and percussion. It's a tough choice between that and the original.

The EP is out the 30th June, but is rigthfully so already getting a lot of radio play and a ton of blog love, you can check the original, and Tontario remix, below.


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