09 May

Time Machine – Night Lights

I haven't bought any hip hop in ages and that makes me sad. Because i really do like hip hop. I also really like Bandcamp. And what i really like about Bandcamp are their mail outs and summaries. A while back they sent out a summary of the best recent hip hop releases and there was some great stuff on there. I really recommend you sign up if you haven't.


One of the releases on the list was a re-release of Time Machine's album from 2004, Slow Your Roll. I have to be honest, i never picked this up first time round, but blimey it is a great album. Pretty top draw hip hop based on that old school template. Great flows, great breaks and even some nice cutting. I also really like the fact they incorporate a lot of nice jazz, funk and latin. I have been hammering it on the way to work and one of my fave tracks is this jazzy barnstormer Night Lights. Great Break, great rhymes…just as it should be. If you dont have it i really recommend that you check the whole album out over at Bandcamp.



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