24 Jul

Tigercity – Powerstripe

I had nothing prepared for today as I've had to jump in for fourbearsjr at short notice so, as such, I'm going to grab a freebie and indulge a small guilty pleasure of mine and pick a track i doubt many people thought they'd see on here.

Tigercity – Powerstripe

I, and fourbearsjr, have always been big fans of that saccharine tinged 80's sound, be it classic original tracks or more modern interpretations from groups like Phoenix and so on. So when we both heard the Tigercity album we were sucked in instantly. It's a great little listen, came out on Ben Watts strange Feeling label (which i still find an odd pairing) and is 6 tracks of 80's tinged super soul pop music. 

If you like Phoenix then you'll probably like this. in many ways it reminds me of bands like Toto, Hall & Oates and a ton of other things that have all been lumped under the brilliant yacht rock label. 

The obvious track for most people was the very Hall & Oates sounding "Are you sensation" but for me the track that I go back to time and time again is the opener Powerstripe. It's far less obvious and far less catchy and in some ways it plods along a bit until about 3.30 into the track everything kicks off as a chord change, counter melody and guitar licks come to the fore. For a lot of people it's too little too late, but for me it's a great piece of production that keeps me rewinding that last minute or so time and time again.

i have no idea what they are doing now, the album is from around 2006 i think, with the Strange Feeling release in 2008 (?) and from there i know there was a further EP released in 2009, but after that nothing as far as i can tell, which is a shame as i think they could have really gone on to write some real gems.

anyway, give it a listen, and see what you think.

Playlist Tuesday 24 July 2012

​Still waiting for new headphones (see yesterdays post) so no playlist today…

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